Simply the
finest cooking tools
ever made

The purest metals, expert design and superior craftmanship come together to form magnificence.

Ready for your best recipes
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You’re ready for hand-made Brooklyn Copper Cookware. Organic and elemental extra-fort (3mm, or 1/8″) solid copper with hand-wiped tin linings and cast iron handles, made entirely in the US.


Brooklyn Copper Cookware
workmanship is INCREDIBLE…

and the cookware provides such visual joy even when I’m not cooking with them. But when I AM cooking with them…. heavenly. All of my meals turn out beautifully and I have complete confidence in my pans (which, as a chef, is priceless). Thank you Mac and everyone at BCC for continuing to bring back old world craftsmanship and doing it with such style!”

Chef Sherri at Home

The finest solid copper cookware

to be found on any shore

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