“Why do I buy the most expensive pots on the planet? Haha just kidding. (Maybe it’s true)

My wife and my friends think I’m crazy, they only look at the price, but there is a price for everything we do in life, isn’t there? What are we doing to our bodies/environment with all of these manmade chemicals? Are the cheap bargain brand $19.95 non stick pots and pans so cheap after all? What kind of metal goes into those pats and pans and where does it come from, why do all the recycling yards sell their ferrous metals to China? I have been working on cars my whole life, why do my dad’s tools that were made in the USA stand the test of time while the steel that they are using for tools with “Global Materials” don’t seem to last 5 minutes. Pardon my tangent.

I started to look for copper pots years ago after I purchased, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, by Julia Child. I’ve always had some fascination with copper as far I as I can remember, maybe it was the copper repiping of my house in Illinois as a young boy, or polishing the bottom of my mom’s Revere Ware pots and pans, that are over 50 years old now. Made in Clinton, Iowa. Over the years I started acquiring copper things such as copper mugs, teapots, measuring cups, even made a shoe/wardrobe rack for my daughter made out of 3/4″ copper pipe. Another tangent.

So back to the question, Why Brooklyn Copper Cookware?

When I started to do research on copper cookware with tin lining it was either France or Italy. I wanted to buy American, I don’t remember how I found out about this guy in New York and he was selling a brand of copper pots named Hammersmith cookware. His name was Mac Kohler but there was some kind of flood or something, hurricane I don’t know but it was always be patient we are trying to get things up and running and so on and so forth. I remember reading about the new tooling and design and thickness of the copper. I read his articles about, “Why Copper Cookware” and “Pure Metal Cookware” and I thought this guy is fanatical, so I called him years before I bought and I could feel his passion through the phone even though I was 2800 miles away in Los Angeles. I even took a trip out to Brooklyn to meet him. I loved what he was doing and I loved the product simple materials, I could see the passion in his eyes.

It’s the not the height of one’s knowledge that attracts people its the depth of their conviction and Mac had it in spades. You want to draw people to you set yourself on fire, not literally, but as I race to put out fires you wouldn’t believe how many people stop what they are doing and look to see what’s going on with the fire. I think that’s what you guys are doing with Brooklyn Copper Cookware, we need to start the fires of “Manufacturing” in this country again. We need to invest in America again. Why do I buy Brooklyn Copper Cookware? BECAUSE ITS MADE IN THE USA AND ITS SUPPORTING WORKING FAMILIES IN AMERICA!”