“Had our dinner over the weekend, Chicago style double crust deep dish pizza. I’ve been making this dish for forty years using the same steel pizza pan I purchased in 1978. Like your copper cookware, it’s perfect for it’s task and was made to last.

I’ve enjoyed cooking for friends and family for most of my life and have used many kinds of cookware. In recent years I’ve gravitated to Brooklyn Copper cookware along with cast iron cookware for nearly all my cooking. Brooklyn Copper cookware is made to last several lifetimes, built by artisans, made of elemental materials, copper, tin and iron. The cookware not only looks gorgeous, it performs flawlessly. Pots heat up quickly and efficiently at low flame, uniformly distribute heat and respond immediately to temperature adjustments. The tin lining minimizes sticking and cleans up easily.

Thank you, Mac and everyone at Brooklyn Copper!”