Studio Rentals

MAPA offers rentals in our state of the art dance studios! Studio rentals begin at $35 an hour and require Commercial General Liability Insurance. For more information on studio availability and rental information, please click HERE. (attached to this email is the studio rental policies PDF. You can also say “contact our prod & stg mgr at angel@blah). To apply for studio rentals, please click HERE (attached to this email is the studio rental request PDF). I’m also open to only putting the info packet up and then they need to contact me directly to receive the request form.

Property Rentals

MAPA has a large catalog of properties and themed decor available for rental. All props are rented on a “non-use” basis, meaning only props that are not currently in production are available for rental. Unless otherwise requested, all rentals come AS IS and may not be painted or altered in any way. To peruse our stock or request items, please contact P & SM at angel@blah. Please allow one week’s notice to schedule a perusal. All rental of props/decor will incur a $20.83 processing fee.

Costume Rentals

MAPA boasts one of the largest costume stocks (the largest?) on Maui! For more information on costume rentals, please contact our Dance Director, Kathleen, at kathleen@blah.

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